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Peter J. Gentry

The Significance of Covenants in Biblical Theology

“The Glory of God” – The Character of God’s Being and Way in the World: Some Reflections on a Key Biblical Theology Theme

The Covenant at Sinai

The Relationship of Deuteronomy to the Covenant at Sinai

The Relationship of Deuteronomy to the Covenant at Sinai1 Differing interpretations of the relationship between the Old Covenant/Testament and the New Covenant/Testament are at the heart of all divisions within the Christian church, both past and present.2 Part of clarifying this relationship is determining the relationship of the book of Deuteronomy to Exodus 19–24 which is…

The Spring 2014 SBJT Forum

SBJT: What does Revelation 12 teach us about the cross of Christ and persecution? Thomas R. Schreiner: Revelation 12 teaches us that the church faces persecution because of our great adversary the devil. In v. 7 we read about a great war in heaven between Michael, the archangel, and Satan. Michael defeated Satan, and he…

The SBJT Forum: The Legacy of the King James Bible

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks and the New Exodus

The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? (Audio)

Kingdom Through Covenant: Humanity as the Divine Image

The Atonement in Isaiah’s Fourth Servant Song (Isaiah 52:13-53:12)

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Speaking the Truth in Love (Eph 4:15): Life in the New Covenant Community

Nehemiah 12: Restoring the City of God or How to Preach a List of Names