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pastoral ministry

Beware of ‘preacher eater’ churches

A preacher eater church has a series of short-term pastors, and those departing pastors have few positive words to say about them.

Why should you stay a long time in the same church?

I was grateful to learn that I don’t have the right to dislike and refuse to care for someone’s soul that God had entrusted to me.

How do I follow a long-tenured pastor?

Following a pastor who has run well is only a problem for those who lack the character or the stamina to do the same.

Five ways to fight “preaching hangover”

You may call it something different, but every pastor knows it well. It is the mental, emotional, and spiritual crash that takes place on Monday as a result of pouring your heart and soul out in the proclamation of God’s Word to God’s people the day before.

10 habits to help a pastor stay married and in ministry

The combined stress of marriage and ministry is a unique situation that demands intentionality to keep both a marriage or a ministry from imploding.

5 things I learned my first year as a pastor

The Bible alone sets the standard for what a minister of the gospel does because the church is not a mere institution or organization.

Learn to rest in a received ministry

Have you ever met someone whose singular aim is to convince you they are called to ministry? Maybe they give away scores of Vista Print business cards asking you to invite them to your church; maybe they email you regularly to convince you why they should speak or sing or play at your next youth…

10 questions to ask a pastoral search committee

Don’t leave the interiew before asking these ten (often-forgotten) questions.

6 things to remember when making changes in a local church

Change occurs through people. People follow leaders, and leaders know the value of relationship.

What to do with that awkward silence on pastoral visits

The awkward silence and uncomfortable feelings you have when trying to visit your folks in your church is not a justifiable reason to stop and neglect them.

How do you shepherd a dying and divided church?

A pastor should first come in, love them where they are, earn their trust, then break the news to them of their current state.

5 ways to help missionaries transition back to the states

One of the most frustrating parts of living overseas was placing an order at a fast food restaurant. Virtually every time I would have to elbow my way to the counter, mentally rehearse the order for a family of five in another language, and then hope that I could communicate without being misunderstood or worse,…

4 reasons preachers must find their own voice

In his classic book, Lectures To My Students, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “Scarcely one man in a dozen in the pulpit talks like a man.” This is a problem all too common today. Some preachers feel inclined to take certain routes in their sermon preparation, leaving them to be very unnatural in their delivery, as if…

Breaking the silence

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. A black man shot to death by a white police officer. And yet, this week’s disturbingly horrific images of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being gunned down have struck a nerve. At the same time, reports are coming in–even as I write this–of attacks on police officers,…

6 Reasons pastors and future pastors should attend the SBC annual meeting

It is rare to find an evangelical Christian under 50 who has been a part of one denomination for their entire church life. I was born into a family that was deeply committed to the local church and equally committed to the vision and mission of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have many cherished friends…

Should I leave my church? 8 critical questions

No doubt, there are other questions that may need to be asked, but some of these helped me make this solemn decision.

Practical questions to ask before entering church revitalization

Every church revitalizer must remember that new life comes about not by pushing all the right buttons, but by the grace of God.