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For the Church.
For the World.
For the Glory of God.

Michael A. G. Haykin

The Holy Spirit, the Charistmata, and Signs and Wonders: Some Evangelical Perspectives from the Eighteenth Century

“To Devote Ourselves to the Blessed Trinity”: Andrew Fuller and the Defense of “Trinitarian Communities”

Confession of Faith 1

The Admission of unbaptized Persons to the Lord’s Supper, inconsistent with the New Testament

The promise of the Spirit, the grand encouragement in promoting the Gospel: a circular letter to the churches of the Northamptonshire Baptist Association (June 1810)

“‘ Very affecting and evangelical’: A Review of Keith S. Grant, Andrew Fuller and the Evangelical Renewal of Pastoral Theology”

The SBJT Forum: The Life and Ministry of Andrew Fuller

The SBJT Forum: God the Father

“Zeal to Promote the Common Good” The Story of the King James Bible

Faithful Unto Death (Audio)

This session will explore martyrdom and how to persevere in suffering for the glory of Christ.

The Cost of Living Dangerously: William Tyndale and the English Bible (Audio)

The Treasure of Moses (Heb. 10:32-11:3,23-26) (Audio)

Loving the Brethren (1 John 3:11-24)

“‘Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit’: Spirituality and the Lord’s Supper in Charles Wesley’s Hymns” (MP3)

Michael Haykin (SBTS), Plenary Session 7 Lecture Notes (PDF)

“‘Those Who Spurn the Sprinkled Blood’: Charles Wesley’s Reflections on Islam” (MP3)

Michael Haykin (SBTS), Breakout Session

Contemporary Baptist Worship in the 17th Century

Handout (PDF) Manuscript (PDF)

Contemporary Baptist Worship in the 18th Century, 1680s-1830s

Handout (PDF) Manuscript (PDF)

Contemporary Baptist Worship in the 18th Century: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Handout (PDF) Manuscript (PDF)