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Mark Coppenger

Missional apologetics: Mark Coppenger’s journey from the military to the mission field

From playing trumpet in the same band as former President Bill Clinton to getting bitten on the lip by a rat in Africa, Mark T. Coppenger has had a wide range of interesting and instructive experiences.

Stewardship of the Wetlands below the Golan Heights: A Study in Judeo-Christian and Muslim Contrasts

I ask the reader’s indulgence as I weave personal narrative into my essay, for my thinking has emerged in these past years through a range of travels, events, and assignments, from which I’ll draw in making my case. On my first visit to Mount Hermon on Israel’s northern border, our tour guide pointed out the…

The dissolution of marriage

  We leaned against the pickup-truck fender out in the front yard. One of my laymen, Rick, was inside, talking with the woman of the house while her kids swirled about. I was taking the man through the Continuing Witness Training presentation of the gospel, leading up to willingness and commitment questions. He’d been tracking…