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Kevin DeYoung

Two Questions that May Greatly Improve Your Church’s Ministry

I’m no management consultant, leadership expert, or church growth guru. But if you love your church and want to see it as effective as possible–for the sake of evangelism, education, exaltation, and whatever other E’s you may have in your mission statement–try asking these two questions. One is from the pastor for his leaders, and…

Holiness is not the same as forced solemnity

  When I was in college I struggled a lot with being holy and being funny. Now, those who know me best may wonder if I’m particularly adroit with either virtue. But stick with me for a minute. I used to have the notion that holiness meant forced solemnity. I remember as a camp counselor…

3 questions with Kevin DeYoung

  What advice would you give to seminary students preparing for ministry?  One thing I think seminary students need to understand that not everyone can be the best student. Not everyone can be at the top of the curve. Work hard. Study hard. But it’s better to be a “B” student and have a good…