For the Truth.
For the Church.
For the World.
For the Glory of God.

Jim Stitzinger

Praying for Southern mission teams

A Bible, passport, some gear and a change of clothes. That’s about all Southern Seminary and Boyce College students need as they venture out to support missionaries serving throughout the world.

Friendly fire in the church

  Friendly fire is a devastating reality of war. In the velocity of action and unrelenting conflict battlefield weapons can be redirected toward the wrong target with unforgiving consequences. The trauma and scars of physical combat are compounded for everyone involved when the source is someone wearing the same uniform. What takes place in that regrettable scene…

A witnessing community

  [tweetable]Effective evangelism is measured not by individual responses, but by the clarity and accuracy of the message proclaimed.[/tweetable] Whether in a large gathering or from one soul to another, a church functioning at maximum evangelistic capacity will saturate its areas of influence with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If your church ceased to exist,…

The Centrifugal Church

Is your church a centrifuge for gospel ministry? Are believers compelled out from the safe harbor of Christian fellowship to engage our unbelieving world? Many American churches today are an evangelistic cul-de-sac, lots of believers gathering in, but very little gospel going back out in gospel propagation. Instead of evangelistic DNA woven through every aspect…