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Jeff Robinson

Essential Reading on Preaching

What if the resurrection never happened?

Without Easter Sunday, Good Friday is just another Friday.

Preach holiness, for we are not frightened enough

God is holy and we are not, yet that seldom frightens us into action.

I am a sinner preaching to sinners

I am not worthy to be a minister, but Christ was worthy for me. I do not and will not measure up, but Jesus perfectly measured up for me. The gospel is true for God’s people in the pew and it is true for me, his herald, as well.

10 questions to ask a pastoral search committee

Don’t leave the interiew before asking these ten (often-forgotten) questions.

6 Reasons pastors and future pastors should attend the SBC annual meeting

It is rare to find an evangelical Christian under 50 who has been a part of one denomination for their entire church life. I was born into a family that was deeply committed to the local church and equally committed to the vision and mission of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have many cherished friends…

Should I leave my church? 8 critical questions

No doubt, there are other questions that may need to be asked, but some of these helped me make this solemn decision.

If Christ is not raised

As Christians who exult in the evangel, the good news of God’s redeeming love for sinners, we rightly cherish above all else the cross of Jesus Christ. Good Friday services are among the most glorious of our annual gatherings as we reflect upon that sacrifice. We delight to read and pray and sing and preach…

Six crucial questions to ask of every sermon

I do not want the congregation to see God’s Word as beyond their grasp, that advanced degrees are necessary to engage the things of God deeply. I want to convince them that any Spirit-filled Christian can fully comprehend, apply, and delight in the truths of Scripture.

Beware of your fictional church

His words rang in my ears for days and triggered a few nights of nocturnal unrest. “What were you expecting in the pastorate? You’re not in seminary any more and this church isn’t filled with your seminary buddies. You’re in the real world now, son.” I had been on the job exactly seven days when…

Can I be both a pastor and a scholar?

For 17 years Tom Schreiner has walked the delicate line of serving as both a full-time academic and a preaching elder in his local church. He has written numerous important books and commentaries, including Paul, Apostle of God’s Glory in Christ (IVP Academic, 2006); New Testament Theology (Baker Academic, 2008); The King in His Beauty (Baker Academic, 2013); Commentary on Hebrews (B&H Academic, 2015); and his…

Dear Timothy: Pursue faithfulness above all else in your life and ministry

Dear Timothy, Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The last time I wrote you, recall that I sought to stir up your mind by way of reminder, to use the words of our dear brother Peter, that you must find your contentment in Christ alone, else you…

Dear Timothy: Find your contentment in Christ alone

A few years ago, Founders Ministries published an excellent, multi-author work, titled Dear Timothy (A must-read for young pastors and thankfully still available). The book was written as a series of letters from the veteran pastor, Paul, to the young upstart pastor, Timothy. In the spirit of that fine publication, I offer the following letter as…

Rise early and be alone with God: wise counsel from an old divine

What is the best time of day to pray and meditate on the Word of God? For me, the best time is the early morning. With four young children in the house, all of whom are usually still sleeping this is the only quiet time in my home. This time also has the advantage of…

5 reasons to read the entire Bible in 2018 (and every year)

After reading through the Bible a few times, the redemptive storyline will become second nature.

Spurgeon on the cauldron of suffering in the pastoral ministry

In the same way that basic training cannot fully prepare a soldier for the hellish nature of a real war, seminary cannot fully prepare a future pastor for the bullets and hand grenades that will be launched at him in the local church on the field of real ministry. If I have learned anything in…