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James M. Hamilton

Was Joseph a Type of the Messiah? Tracing the Typological Identification between Joseph, David, and Jesus

Part 3 – Worthy of double honor | Expository advocating

  Editors note: Read also part 1 and part 2 of this series Participate In Ephesians 4, Paul tells us that God gave to the church, among other things, “shepherds and teachers.” Shepherds and teachers is simply another way of saying “pastors.” Paul is saying that your pastor is actually a gift from God. He’s…

Part 2 – Worthy of double honor | Expository advocating

  Editors note: Find Part one of this series here.  Prepare  The last thing a pastor or preacher wants to think is that he is the only one prepared for Sunday morning. That doesn’t mean you need to write your own sermon during the week, but you might be surprised how much more you get…

Alumni Academy: What is Biblical Theology? – Panel Discussion

The hero story

  Have you heard the ballad of the hoped-for hero? Ancient prophecies foretell his coming. Not altogether clear, shrouded in mystery, but enough to kindle hopes and keep the flickering flame alive. Everything depends on his coming. In fact, if these prophecies aren’t realized, there is no final defense against evil. No ultimate hope. No…

The Bible’s storyline in the life of the church

Members of the Southern Seminary faculty are at the forefront of contemporary discussions of biblical theology, both within academia and the local church. Since 2010, faculty members have published three works of full-Bible biblical theology, and at least three more books within the discipline. In what follows, those members, each of whom publish, teach and…