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The gospel in broken classrooms: Kevin Jones models service and sacrifice for future teachers

More than ever, places in desperate need for the gospel do not welcome pastors or missionaries. Both closed countries and American public schools try to keep Christians away, so believers have to use creative platforms. “Teachers can go places where pastors cannot go,” said Kevin Jones, assistant professor of teacher education at Boyce College, who…

Feature book review: ‘Theodore Beza: The Man and the Myth’

Theodore Beza: The Man and the Myth, Shawn D. Wright (Christian Focus 2016, $14.99)  Despite being one of the great figures of the Protestant Reformation, not much is known about Theodore Beza, French theologian and acolyte of the more famous John Calvin. In fact, what is known is often mythical and exaggerated, such as the erroneous perception…

‘The Means of Grace’ — Charles Wesley on spiritual disciplines

Among Protestant practitioners of spiritual disciplines, the Oxford Holy Club developed one of the most famed regimens. The group, initiated by Charles Wesley in 1728 and supported by his brother John, included other luminaries like George Whitefield, John Clayton, and Benjamin Ingham. This society — also dubbed “the Methodists” — encouraged pious acts such as…

Biblical echoes in Hollywood: A guide to watching movies Christianly

7 Questions about George Whitefield with Thomas S. Kidd

Three hundred years after his birth, George Whitefield is regaining prominence for his role in the Great Awakening and American revivalism. Towers editor S. Craig Sanders asks historian Thomas S. Kidd about Whitefield’s influence and Kidd’s new biography, George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father. 1. What most intrigued you about George Whitefield to write this…

Theological Incentives for Evangelism

Evangelism needs to be undergirded by a theological reflection on just what it is we are doing and why since, as R.B. Kuiper puts it, “Evangelism has its roots in eternity.”

Ph.D.s in the pulpit: Should (Future) Pastors Pursue Doctorates?

Commonly, seminary students nearing graduation consider whether or not they should pursue advanced research degrees, usually in the form of a doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.). Several questions immediately surface, such as “How much money would a Ph.D. cost?” “Do I have the academic ability and energy for more schooling?” and “What might another degree…