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Holy Spirit

Editorial: Our Glorious Triune God

We must never grow tired of gaining greater precision and clarity in our theological thinking, especially when it is about the God who has created and redeemed us.

What is So New About the New Covenant? Exploring the Contours of Paul’s New Covenant Theology in 2 Corinthians 3

Second Corinthians 3 is a hotly debated and difficult text. For example, Thomas Schreiner says 2 Corinthians 3 is “one of the most controverted texts in the Pauline corpus,” and is “full of exegetical difficulties and knotty problems.” David Garland believes the passage is “notoriously obscure” and Anthony Hanson says it is the “mount Everest…

John Flavel’s Theology of the Holy Spirit

The Son and the Spirit: The Promise and Peril of Spirit Christology

Introduction In recent years, a growing number of Christian theologians have devoted considerable attention to the person and work of the Holy Spirit in relation to the person and work of the Son. That is, various forms of Spirit Christology have become commonplace on the landscape of contemporary theology. The term Spirit Christology is used…

Baptism with and Filling of the Holy Spirit

Sins against the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the Charistmata, and Signs and Wonders: Some Evangelical Perspectives from the Eighteenth Century

He Will Glorify Me: Evaluating the Pneumatology of Inclusivists and Pluralists

Shaping a child’s soul, a task too important to be turned over to the professionals

  I saw something beautiful one day while walking down Breckenridge Lane. In a front yard not far from my home, a young mother was removing a layer of leftover leaves from the fall in preparation for planting spring flowers — an ordinary activity in the middle of an ordinary day. What was extraordinary about…

“We Believe in the Holy Spirit”: Revisiting the Deity of the Spirit