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Heath Lambert

Balancing family and ministry: Part 2: situations, seasons and accountability

  In Part 1, I discussed two of the five categories that I think of when answering young ministers about how to balance their family and ministry. This part discusses the rest of those five principles that, while not hard and fast rules, have been helpful for my family and ministry. 3.  Unique Situations Beyond…

Balancing family and ministry: Part 1: priority and capacity

  Over the last several weeks I have been pulled aside by several young pastors asking me for advice. They want to know how to balance the demands of ministry and the demands of their family. These are younger guys in their 20s and 30s and they are stressed out. They’re feeling the pull to produce and be…

The Winter 2013 SBJT Forum

SBJT: The book of Hebrews addresses a suffering church. What can we learn from Hebrews for us today on facing suffering as Christians? Barry Joslin: If we are being honest, suffering is not something most of us treasure, embrace, or go looking for. Most of us avoid it, and those of us with children often…

Renown 2014: Gender, Sex, and the Bible

How to use thankfulness to fight sin

Today is Thanksgiving Day. And what a wonderful day it is. The holiday stirs up wonderful thoughts of turkey, pumpkin pie, family gatherings, football, The Macy’s Day parade, pilgrims and — sometimes — even thankfulness. If we’re honest, we might consider that last item on the list less frequently than we want.  Thanksgiving, like Christmas,…

Southern Seminary Author Interviews

Southern Seminary Author Interviews (Audio)

Grace enables the power for purity: Lambert talks about the power of grace in overcoming sin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Heath Lambert, associate professor of biblical counseling at Boyce College and executive director of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, discusses his new book, Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace, with Towers book review editor, Matt Damico.  MD: Why did you to write this book now? HL: I wrote…

The Power of Purity

The Power of Purity (Audio)

All about the Bible’s sufficiency: Lambert talks about his book, Counseling the Hard Cases

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, Heath Lambert talks with SSM contributor Josh Hayes about Counseling the Hard Cases, a book Lambert co-edited with Southern Seminary’s Stuart Scott. Lambert is assistant professor of pastoral theology at Boyce College, the undergraduate school of Southern. JH:What trends in the counseling world compelled you to put together Counseling the Hard Cases?…

Counseling the Hard Cases: True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God’s Resources in Scripture

(B&H Academic 2012, $32.99), Stuart Scott and Heath lambert, eds. “The Bible isn’t a scientific text book, right?” Such a statement carries the commonly held notion that because the Bible speaks primarily to theological and spiritual matters — in pre-modern, non-scientific language — it does not provide the church with resources sufficient to handle the…

Counseling the Hard Cases – A Hard Case: Pornography Addiction

Counseling the Hard Cases – Panel Discussion

Alumni Academy: Counseling the Hard Cases – Session 1

Power, Hope, and a Future: Resurrection Realities for Help and Change (Audio)

911 Panel Discussion (Audio)

911 Panel Discussion