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Southern Seminary Author Interviews

A Safe Place in God

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 6

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 5

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 4

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 3

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 2

Expositors Summit 2013: General Session 1 (Audio)

One Thing

Twelve hours with the president: A photo essay

  During Southern Seminary president R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s 20th anniversary convocation day, Towers photographer Emil Handke shadowed the president, capturing the day from every angle. (Images are property of Southern Seminary’s Office of Communications and may not be reused without permission.)   9:26 a.m. – The president’s office on the second floor of Norton Hall…

If Your Presence Does not Go With Us

More Than You Can Imagine

Whether We Live or Die

This message was provided through the generosity of the Criswell Foundation.  For more sermons from W. A. Criswell visit the The W. A. Criswell Sermon Library

What Do You Have That You Did Not Receive?: Gratitude and Christian Discipleship

Twenty years and counting: Mohler reflects on his presidency of Southern Seminary

In April 1995, he was completely spent. “I thought it was all over,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr. “I just thought I didn’t have anymore to give. I thought this was it.” Two weeks earlier, the faculty of Southern Seminary, where Mohler had been president for less than two years, overwhelmingly supported a motion that…

Resolute in a Gender-Confused Culture

From no-fault divorce to gay marriage, our culture has undertaken an enormous social experiment on issues of gender and sexuality. All manner of sexual dysfunction has become quite mainstream. As resolute Christians, our response cannot simply be to curse the darkness and to stand aloof from the culture. God calls us to be in the…