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Don’t Waste Your Theological Education

Family Devotion Panel Discussion

On Them Light Has Shined: The Christian Minister as Torchbearer

What is Biblical Theology by James M. Hamilton Jr.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, Towers book review editor Matt Damico reviews What Is Biblical Theology? by James M. Hamilton Jr.  An interview with Dr. Hamilton concerning his book can be found here.  Author N.D. Wilson recently wrote, “‘Story, story, my life is a story,’ says the hipster to his Twitter feed.” But, as Wilson admits, the hipster is at least…

Elephant in the room: Evangelicals continue to value C.S. Lewis despite theological differences

According to four evangelicals, C.S. Lewis was sometimes wrong. Less than a month after Lewis’ death in November 1963, a writer for Christianity Today cited English pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones — who was a friend of Lewis’ — as an evangelical with “reservations” about Lewis. CT writer J.D. Douglas paraphrases Lloyd-Jones, saying Lewis’ view of salvation…

How Well Do You Handle Correction?

A Peculiar Kind of Greatness

Theology and the Future of the Southern Baptist Convention: A Conversation with R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Eric Hankins

A Great Commission Hermeneutic

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Southern Seminary Author Interviews

A Safe Place in God

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