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What if I barely received a favorable vote?

Seven questions to ask before you make a hasty decision

His Winnowing Fork is in His Hand

Driving out discontentment

I have found many pastoral counseling issues can be diagnosed with one all too common malady: many people wish they were someone else. They want someone else’s job, money, home, car, spouse, or family. They long for easier lives. They believe if they just had (fill in the blank) they would have purpose and meaning…

Practical questions to ask before entering church revitalization

There is no sure-fire recipe for ministry success. There is no checklist for prospective churches that can guarantee a pastor’s church revitalization efforts will prosper. God could send fire down from heaven one day, and you still might be chased out of town by a murderous matriarch the next (see 1 Kings 19:1-3). However, I…

The emptiness of Hallmark card race theology

I do not generally like Hallmark cards. When I get my wife, children, or someone else a card, I usually look for one that is attractive on the outside but blank on the inside. I prefer to write my thoughts inside the card because I never read what is written in Hallmark cards and think…

Praying with the ‘fire of God’s Word’: Whitney revives ancient spiritual discipline

EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, Donald S. Whitney, professor of biblical spirituality at Southern Seminary, discusses his book Praying the Bible with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders.  CS: You introduced the concept of praying Scripture in your book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. What’s the story behind how that section became the material for this…