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Donald S. Whitney

All Student Summit: Taking Care of Your Soul

All Student Summit: Taking Care of Your Soul

How I started praying the Bible

It was the first of March, 1985. I remember where I was sitting when it happened. I was pastor of a church in the western suburbs of Chicago. A guest preacher was speaking at a series of meetings at our church. He was teaching on the prayers of the apostle Paul found in his New…

Praying with the ‘fire of God’s Word’: Whitney revives ancient spiritual discipline

EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, Donald S. Whitney, professor of biblical spirituality at Southern Seminary, discusses his book Praying the Bible with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders.  CS: You introduced the concept of praying Scripture in your book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. What’s the story behind how that section became the material for this…

Feature book review: ‘Praying the Bible’

Praying the Bible, Donald S. Whitney (Crossway 2015, $13.99) Review by S. Craig Sanders If prayer is the “chief exercise of faith” or “faith … breathed out in words” as John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards wisely expressed, why are so many genuine Christians out of shape and breathless? When Christians feel bored in prayer, the problem…

Practice true spirituality

  In our quest for a more simple spirituality it’s important to define the term. I’m writing from the belief that spirituality is the pursuit of God and the things of God, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with God’s self-revelation (that is, the Bible). The words of the…

Mighty in the Scriptures

  One of the greatest Southern Baptist forebears is John A. Broadus, who with James P. Boyce, William Williams and Basil Manly Jr., founded The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1859. The fledgling seminary closed during the Civil War and restarted afterwards with only seven students, and four faculty who took no salary. Only one student…