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David Prince

On sports and the Christian life: An interview with David Prince, part 2

Sports are never the problem. They are merely exposing the problem. Like all of God’s good gifts, sports can be easily corrupted.

On sports and the Christian life: An interview with David Prince, part 1

We are called to fight against sin as good soldiers of Christ Jesus who proclaim the gospel no matter the cost. Sports expose character, and for those willing to be intentional about using that fact to biblically form character, it provides a great training ground.

The emptiness of Hallmark card race theology

I do not generally like Hallmark cards. When I get my wife, children, or someone else a card, I usually look for one that is attractive on the outside but blank on the inside. I prefer to write my thoughts inside the card because I never read what is written in Hallmark cards and think…

A high view of God should lead to laughter

If you cannot laugh at yourself, and laugh at yourself with others, you have a theological problem—you do not take God seriously enough. There is a reciprocal relationship between taking God seriously, and taking yourself less seriously. When people take themselves too seriously, they naturally become self-referential and touchy. They tend to be on the…

Merry Christmas should mean the end of racism

The birth of Christ was the decisive turning point in the salvation history, ushering in the multi-ethnic gospel community called the church.

How repentance leads to Christ-centered joy

It is not enough to go to God with broad generalizations about our sin. Our repentance should be specific, biblically named, and personally owned.

How to teach your church to fear the Lord

The biblical call to “fear the Lord,” means much more than our term for respect.

14 questions to ask a pastor search committee

  In your opinion, what are the 5 best things about the church? What would the average person in the church say is the best thing about the church? In your opinion, what are the 5 biggest problems in the church right now? What would the average person say is the biggest problem in the…

Why Christian parents should not want good, happy, safe kids

  “I cannot believe that you would do that!” That incredulous assertion is an all too familiar response from parents (including myself) who discover a child has sinned. But for Christian parents, such an assertion is anti-Christ because it constitutes speaking as if the gospel is not true. It represents the response for a parent…

We need fools in the pulpit: The danger of sophisticated ministry

  Following Jesus’ example and teaching, the apostles interpreted the meaning, significance, and application of the entire Bible in light of Jesus’ person and work. Their preaching was the preeminent display of this hermeneutical commitment. When the apostle Paul declared, “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified,” he…

20 things every Christ-centered sermon needs

Did Jesus have to be resurrected for this sermon to work? If not, start over

The Pastor’s Home as Paradigm for the Church’s Family Ministry

As a young, newly-married man with no children yet, I listened intently to what sounded like a helpful idea for the small congregation where I served at the time. “I really want to see our church minister to families,” my pastor declared, “and I want my family to connect with families as well!” To meet…

Discipleship Through Sports

Preach Christ from the Gospels

In the gospels, the biblical storyline moves from the Old Testament promise of a messianic kingdom to the presence of the messianic King