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Dan Dumas

Lead in love | A guide for husbands

  *This is the first post in a series from A Guide to Biblical Manhood. Even the least observant men among us know that they should love their wives. That’s clear in the passages included here from the writings of Peter and Paul. But, when you look at the context of their writing, you see…

Expository Ministry: A conversation with John MacArthur (Part 1)

  In the following videos Dan Dumas discusses expository preaching and how it’s changed with John MacArthur. 1. How has expository preaching changed since 1969 when you started preaching?   2. How has your preaching changed since you began?   3. What is the difference between a good communicator and an effective expositor? _________ –Dan…

The Gospel and adjusted math: Taking gospel love seriously

  Perennial Bible scholar D.A. Carson, calls it “divine mathematics.” And that sounds about right to me. Although the New Testament is not a mathematics textbook, when it does speak to the issue it doesn’t follow conventional theorems or formulas. Under normal convention, five minus one equals four – obviously. Not necessarily so with God’s…

Part 2: 12 principles to help you navigate the adoption process

  Read part one of this post here. When you adventure through a process like the one my wife and I did – all adoptions are adventures and each presents its own set of unique circumstances and challenges – you learn a lot about yourself and about your marriage. Like anything else, you can either…

Adoption road map: navigating the often winding road of adoption – Part 1

  Make your plans in pencil. This is good advice for your career, for your marriage and, yes, for your adoption. When my wife, Jane, and I adopted our second son, our inked-in plans blew up in our faces. There we were, expanding our family, trying to promote the gospel through adoption. And everything went…

2014 D3: Guys Leadership Track Session 4

2014 D3: Session 5 (Audio)

2014 D3: Guys Leadership Track Session 2

2014 D3: Guys Leadership Track Session 1

Expository ministry: A comprehensive vision

  When God speaks, creation obeys. When he spoke the universe into existence, it happened (Gen 1:3-26). When he speaks into the cold, dead hearts of sinners, a new creation appears (2 Cor 5:17). When preachers exposit the Word of God and announce that Jesus is the Christ, the church is built (Matt 16:16-18). Whenever…

Leadership: innovate or stagnate

  Recently I was asked how I was doing as a “creator.” I’ve been asked similar questions before, but this time it startled me because it was tethered to Genesis 1:26 and what it means to be made in the image of God. As spiritual beings, our creativity comes from being fashioned in the image…

Gospel Shrewdness

Gospel Shrewdness (Audio)

The Craft of Exposition (Audio)

Expositors Summit 2013: Panel Discussion

Expositors Summit 2013: Panel Discussion (Audio)

Alumni Academy: The Conviction to Lead – Panel Discussion (Audio)

Alumni Academy: The Conviction to Lead – Panel Discussion