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5 Ways adoption fosters a healthy church

When a church proactively encourages and sponsors adoptions, it testifies to the transforming power of the cross and to the grace of our Father who calls spiritual orphans into his eternal kingdom. Adoption is worship.

Adopted for life, ten years later: What I’ve learned since

Ten years ago today, my wife and I walked out of a Russian orphanage with two little one year-old boys. Suddenly, for the first time, I was a father and she was a mother. Suddenly, little Maxim was “Benjamin Jacob Moore” and little Sergei was “Timothy Russell Moore.” Everything changed, for all of us, for…

Our paper pregnancy: God, the gospel, and the global cause of Christ

  They call it a “paper pregnancy.” It’s the period of time between the conception and finalization of your adoption. There’s no positive pregnancy test; no hormonal upheaval; no morning sickness; no amazing ultrasounds; no growing belly; no random food cravings; no little feet-kicks coming from the womb; no agonizing labor pains or delivery. Yet…

Part 2: 12 principles to help you navigate the adoption process

  Read part one of this post here. When you adventure through a process like the one my wife and I did – all adoptions are adventures and each presents its own set of unique circumstances and challenges – you learn a lot about yourself and about your marriage. Like anything else, you can either…

Adoption road map: navigating the often winding road of adoption – Part 1

  Make your plans in pencil. This is good advice for your career, for your marriage and, yes, for your adoption. When my wife, Jane, and I adopted our second son, our inked-in plans blew up in our faces. There we were, expanding our family, trying to promote the gospel through adoption. And everything went…

Don’t you already have kids? Adding to your existing family through adoption

5 reasons to adopt when you already have children

Towers May 23, 2011