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Aaron Cline Hanbury

A timeline of the presidential elections during the conservative resurgence

Southern Seminary Magazine | Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Seven questions with Paul Pressler about the Conservative Resurgence

*This article originally appeared in the June / July 2014 issue of Towers. You can read the full issue here. Thirty-five years ago this June, Tennessee pastor Adrian Rogers became the first theologically conservative president of the Southern Baptist Convention as part of the effort now called the Conservative Resurgence. Here, Towers editor Aaron Cline…

Seven questions about economics and the economy with Barry Asmus

  When studying in seminary or serving in a church, students and pastors often find little time for topics such as economics. And yet economics, as a reality, is all around. Towers editor Aaron Cline Hanbury asks Barry Asmus, speaker, writer and consultant on political and business issues and a senior economist with the National Center for…

Southern Seminary Magazine | Winter 2014

Winter 2014

Towers | Dec-Jan 2014

Elephant in the room: Evangelicals continue to value C.S. Lewis despite theological differences

According to four evangelicals, C.S. Lewis was sometimes wrong. Less than a month after Lewis’ death in November 1963, a writer for Christianity Today cited English pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones — who was a friend of Lewis’ — as an evangelical with “reservations” about Lewis. CT writer J.D. Douglas paraphrases Lloyd-Jones, saying Lewis’ view of salvation…

Towers | November 2013

A president at work: 
Mohler’s investment in the 
next generation of leaders

  During the presidency of R. Albert Mohler Jr., seven men have worked for him as research assistants and directors of theological research. Not only did they help him organize material and prepare for writing projects, speaking and preaching engagements, debates and more, but they received a unique kind of education in return.   Gregory…

Twenty years and counting: Mohler reflects on his presidency of Southern Seminary

In April 1995, he was completely spent. “I thought it was all over,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr. “I just thought I didn’t have anymore to give. I thought this was it.” Two weeks earlier, the faculty of Southern Seminary, where Mohler had been president for less than two years, overwhelmingly supported a motion that…

Adam W. Greenway, BGS dean, ready for ‘best job in the world’

Adam W. Greenway says he has “the best job in the world.” This year, Greenway entered a new phase of his ministry when Southern Seminary president, R. Albert Mohler Jr., announced the appointment of Greenway as dean of the seminary’s newly restructured Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry. The new Graham School, which…

Towers | September 2013

Reviews: Trained in the Fear of God and Family Ministry Field Guide