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Comic books and the gospel: Our longing for escape and redemption

The growing cultural phenomenon surrounding comic books and the escape from the pressures of normal life.

Marvelous metanarratives: Remnants of a Christian worldview

“Comics are the new Bible,” film critic Anne Billson recently declared, “and devotees never tire of seeing their idols save the world.” Her elevation of comic books to canonical status is certainly overstated, but she may be quite correct in suggesting that part of the current appeal of comics is their openness to the supernatural.…

‘Building Christian character’: Prince discusses the role of sports in Christian discipleship

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below, David E. Prince, assistant professor of Christian preaching and pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, discusses his book In the Arena with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders. CS: What about the book and its message is important to communicate? DP: The book is essentially about Jesus, the church, family, and sports. I…