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Volume 15, Issue 01

Aug 2016

Hall to lead a ‘new song’ of racial reconciliation as Boyce College dean

Matthew Hall, newly appointed dean of Boyce College, knows what it feels like to be different. He knows what it feels like to be an outsider, to wake up every morning knowing he’s not like everybody else. Hall was one of three children, and his family spent six years of his childhood as missionaries in…

Sampey’s Summers in Rio: ‘A passion for winning the unsaved to faith’

    Having joined the Southern Seminary faculty in 1887 as assistant professor of Hebrew, Greek, and homiletics, John R. Sampey served the institution until his death in 1946, a few weeks shy of his 83rd birthday. His long tenure at SBTS also entailed nearly 13 years as the seminary’s fifth president, during which time…

Faithfulness in persecution: Juan Sanchez discusses book on 1 Peter

EDITOR’S NOTE:  In what follows, Juan Sanchez, SBTS assistant professor of Christian theology and senior pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, talks with Towers writer Andrew J.W. Smith about his book 1 Peter For You.   AJWS: What does the church today need to hear from the book of 1 Peter?   JS: Well, particularly in…

Feature review: ‘1 Peter For You’

1 Peter For You (The Good Book Company 2016, $22.99), Juan R. Sanchez As any regular listener to “The Briefing” or anyone paying attention to the current political climate can attest, Christians live in a world growing more hostile by the day to their distinctive message. Keystones of Christian theology like the sanctity of marriage…

Book reviews: ‘KJV Creedal Bible’; ‘Baptist in America’; ‘Reviving the Black Church’; ‘A Theology of Biblical Counseling’

KJV Creedal Bible Tom J. Nettles Review by S. Craig Sanders In an age marked by staggering biblical illiteracy in the pews and even less awareness of historical theology, retired Southern Seminary professor Thomas J. Nettles delivers in the newly-published KJV Creedal Bible a brief commentary of the early church’s four seminal creeds and a defense of…

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