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Volume 13, Issue 01

August 2014

Broadus and the Great Decision: History Highlight

In late nineteenth-century Southern Baptist life, few names commanded as much respect as John A. Broadus. Baptists in congregations across the South esteemed him as a powerful preacher of the gospel and a champion of biblical orthodoxy. Scholars across the nation admired him for his command of modern and classical studies. His enduring legacy, however,…

Book review: ‘Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life’

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, revised and updated (NavPress 2014, $15.99), Donald S. Whitney “Discipline without direction is drudgery,” writes Donald S. Whitney in a familiar opening to the 20th-anniversary edition of his classic book on biblical spirituality. Revised and updated, the book contains new material with more emphasis on the gospel that will help…

Survive and Thrive

From paratrooper to police chief, Kevin Collins lives to serve: Southern Story

It was the daily service opportunities that drew Kevin Collins to police work from the start. His love for serving people grew as God guided his career path through unexpected circumstances. Growing up, Collins wanted to be a paratrooper and eventually a history teacher. His love for planes and his family’s military history naturally led…

Missions for a post-9/11 world

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the following, Southern Seminary missions professors M. David Sills and Jeff Walters discuss their new book, Introduction to Global Missions, with Towers writers Aaron Cline Hanbury and RuthAnne Irvin. ACH: What makes Introduction to Global Missions different from other introductions? MDS: The world is changing with increasing velocity, and global dynamics such…

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