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Transgender and children: Responding in the local church

What should church elders/leaders do if a congregation member asks for their child to be identified as transgender

On technology and preaching

Being distracted is not the biggest risk of using technology in preaching. The greater danger is missing God himself.

Leaders, find your identity in Christ

be careful to not find your identity in what you’re particularly good at doing.

SBTS community remembers Draper at memorial service

Southern Story

Cultivating the discipline of leadership

My goal is to give you practical ideas that you can use to cultivate the discipline of leadership in your life.

5 Baptist theologians every pastor should read

Brother pastor, if you haven’t read deeply and widely in the Baptist history canon, put these giants atop your reading list.

Why should a pastor use all his vacation time each year?

I will not suggest how many weeks of vacation you should be given by your church. Instead, I intend to answer this question a bit differently.

Six stages of a dying church

It’s not pleasant but if we don’t talk about dying churches, we will act like there are no problems.

How do I know if my child is a Christian?

Your child does not get a visible mark on her forehead or a stripe on her back when she comes to Jesus, so you have to talk, pray, and discern.

Four keys to reading (and teaching) the Psalms

Let us give praise to God for the Psalms and praise him with the Psalms.

Do James and Paul disagree on grace and works?

In the beauty and completeness of God’s Word, Paul and James teach complementary, not contradictory, truths.

Spurgeon’s advice for a Christ-centered vacation

The best kind of vacation involves a restorative encounter with Jesus