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The Pastor as Theologian

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6 reasons every Christian should study theology

Each doctrine revealed in the Word of God is true. Each has been revealed that it might be believed. We cannot therefore omit any one.

Theology Forum

For this month, Towers asked two theology faculty members to answer this question: Where are you on the cessationist-continuationist spectrum? What do you make of stories about incredible supernatural or demonic activity? Bruce A. Ware T. Rupert and Lucille Coleman Professor of Christian Theology My position is a bit of a compromise, or blending, of…

The Reformation Isn’t Over

Despite claims to the contrary, critical doctrines central to the Protestant Reformation continue to set it apart from the Catholic Church.

Abandon the Reformation, abandon the gospel

Does Reformation theology matter today? Absolutely. It is tempting to think of the Reformation as a mere political or social movement. In reality, however, the Reformation was a fight over the gospel itself.

Are the Five Solas Biblical?

The legacy of SBTS co-founder John A. Broadus: renowned preacher who was a teacher of preachers.