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Southern Stories

Robert Konemann’s legacy of faithfulness

Even in the late stages of a brutal and physically exhausting disease, Robert Konemann was always there. At Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night services at his home church, Fisherville Baptist, at both Boyce and Southern Seminary graduations, in the lives of his wife and children. Konemann, who served as project manager at Southern Seminary starting in 2012, passed away…

Sampey’s Summers in Rio: ‘A passion for winning the unsaved to faith’

    Having joined the Southern Seminary faculty in 1887 as assistant professor of Hebrew, Greek, and homiletics, John R. Sampey served the institution until his death in 1946, a few weeks shy of his 83rd birthday. His long tenure at SBTS also entailed nearly 13 years as the seminary’s fifth president, during which time…

Southern Seminary Magazine, Spring 2016

Finding God in Gitmo: Army vet reunites with military chaplain for T4G

Towers | May 2016

The King’s President

Greg Thornbury shapes culture-makers at NYC college

Making a Heretic: Crawford Toy’s Tragic Path from Star Student to False Teacher

How did star pupil and popular professor Crawford Howell Toy embrace heresy and leave the Christian faith?

Five Hawaiian brothers entrusted to one Kentucky school

Since 2010, the Komatsu family, from Hawaii, has entrusted their five sons to Southern Seminary and its undergraduate school, Boyce College, thousands of miles away in Louisville, Kentucky. “The president, the world-class faculty, the robust theology, and the missional thrust of the institution all stood out to me,” said Van Michael Komatsu, a Master of…

Strengthening the evangelical mind: Arnold aims for culturally thoughtful and astute students

As the only evangelical in his college’s Introduction to the Bible course, Jonathan Arnold found his beliefs challenged frequently in a class teaching the gospel from an extremely liberal point of view.  While the hostile environment opened the door for him to share the gospel and participate in debates over major cultural issues, Arnold learned…

Spring Preview A to Z

Southern Seminary and benevolent governors

Last November, when Matt Bevin won Kentucky’s gubernatorial election he joined elite company in Southern Seminary history. The Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization, which the businessman turned governor endowed in 2012, is named in honor of his late daughter Brittiney and sends student missionaries to international and domestic fields of service in addition to local…

Media mogul John Sampey used vinyl, film to reduce seminary debt

When John R. Sampey was named president of Southern Seminary in 1929, he inherited a brand new Lexington Road campus with $992,000 in related debt (about $13 million in today’s money).1 Only a few months later, a stock market crash initiated the Great Depression. Fortunately for the seminary and the denomination, Sampey was a capable…

Servants with a badge: Campus Police brings experienced force to serve Southern Seminary

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary sits nestled in the Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville. The large trees and beautiful homes gives the area surrounding Southern a warmth beyond its property lines. “If someone handed you a map of the city of Louisville and said to pick a great location to place Southern Seminary, you couldn’t…

The real Colonel Sanders and his surprising ties to Southern Seminary

The unmistakable visage of Colonel Sanders has experienced a public resurgence courtesy of a new mass-media marketing campaign cooked up by the KFC fast food company. Recent commercials have raised the question as to whether the Colonel’s mantle can be carried adequately by a single actor, thus necessitating a group of famous comedians passing the…

Once mute, multilingual Boyce student says his autism is a gift from God

Six months after his parents moved from California to Uruguay with the International Mission Board in 1990, Steven Kunkel stopped speaking. His parents first thought their one-year-old son had culture shock, but knew something else was wrong when Kunkel did not speak for nearly three years. When Kunkel was 4, his father took him to…

Don’t Just Do Something: Stand There

The 1993 Convocation Address delivered by R. Albert Mohler, Jr, President The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary