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Southern Stories

Seeking God’s kingdom

Former model Amrit Ahluwalia’s journey to Southern Seminary

Morgan Wild: From the jungles of Indonesia to the halls of Boyce College

Morgan Wild grew up on the mission field of Indonesia with his life on camera.

From Pulaski County to Podolsk, Russia

Melissa Tucker feels most at home within the classroom

Here We Stand

Eight ways the Protestant Reformation continues to shape evangelicalism — and Southern Seminary

SBTS community remembers Draper at memorial service

Southern Story

Blessing the bereaved: Jane Kratz turned her grief into ministry

After losing her husband to cystic fibrosis, Kratz committed herself to helping others deal with their own grief.

Monks, meditation, and Matthew

A Vietnamese student’s road to faith

‘Giving Joy’

As a student and supporter, Shelley Caulder’s joyful presence has changed lives at Southern Seminary.

Heroes of the ‘Hardshells’: The other 1980s comic about turtles

Created by then-M.Div. student Tom Williams, two years before the comic book debut of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a band of anthropomorphic terrapins graced the pages of Towers.

Confessing the faith: Mohler on the importance of Southern’s Abstract of Principles

EDITOR’S NOTE:   In what follows, Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. discusses the new SBTS Press title, Confessing the Faith: The Living Legacy of Southern Seminary’s Abstract of Principles, with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders. CS: The title of your introduction is “Confessional Integrity: The Abstract of Principles Then and Now.” What has changed…

Feature review: ‘Confessing the Faith: The Living Legacy of Southern Seminary’s Abstract of Principles’

R. Albert Mohler Jr., editor Confessing the Faith: The Living Legacy of Southern Seminary’s Abstract of Principles (SBTS Press 2016, $16.99) Three decades ago, when R. Albert Mohler Jr. enrolled as a student at Southern Seminary, some of his professors openly disagreed with the institution’s confession of faith. Written by Basil Manly Jr. in 1858 as the…

‘Unexpected Providence’

Matthew Hall’s journey from seminary student to Boyce dean

The Lasting Influence of Francis Schaeffer’s Apologetics

Francis Schaeffer championed an understanding of reason and faith that influenced a generation of Christian scholars.

The Gift of a Testimony

Ken and Barbara Larson donate Torah scroll to Southern Seminary

Jimmy Carter and the SBC

When Jimmy Carter’s presidential term was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 1977, he became the first U.S. president to be affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. At the time, it was an affiliation he embraced, and the denomination embraced him in return. That year, President Carter participated in a short video, “In an Act of Love,”…

Robert Konemann’s legacy of faithfulness

Even in the late stages of a brutal and physically exhausting disease, Robert Konemann was always there. At Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night services at his home church, Fisherville Baptist, at both Boyce and Southern Seminary graduations, in the lives of his wife and children. Konemann, who served as project manager at Southern Seminary starting in 2012, passed away…

Sampey’s Summers in Rio: ‘A passion for winning the unsaved to faith’

    Having joined the Southern Seminary faculty in 1887 as assistant professor of Hebrew, Greek, and homiletics, John R. Sampey served the institution until his death in 1946, a few weeks shy of his 83rd birthday. His long tenure at SBTS also entailed nearly 13 years as the seminary’s fifth president, during which time…