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Homosexuality and the Bible

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Transgender children: Responding in the local church

What should church leaders do if a congregation member asks for their child to be identified as transgender

Winning souls, not a culture war: Burk, Lambert on ministering to homosexuals

EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, Denny Burk, professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, and Heath Lambert, assistant professor of biblical counseling, discuss their new book, Transforming Homosexuality, with Towers writer Annie Corser. AC: Why did you pursue writing this book together? DB: My initial concern was driven by things I was seeing in evangelical Christianity, in which we…

Feature book review: ‘Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Says About Sexual Orientation and Change’

Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Says About Sexual Orientation and Change Denny Burk and Heath Lambert (P & R Publishing 2015, $9.99) The gospel ultimately demands a heart change from homosexuals, Boyce College professors Denny Burk and Heath Lambert write in their new book Transforming Homosexuality. Burk, a professor of biblical studies at Boyce, and Lambert, executive director…