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Riggan’s rigor: Remembering the remarkable life of George W. Riggan

Distinguishing himself as the antithesis of Crawford Toy, Riggan is remembered as having the potential to be one of the seminary’s most accomplished and respected professors.

‘I became a Christian in the classroom’

Daniel M. Gurtner, SBTS faculty member, on why academic rigor equips students for ministry.

Peace or Sword? Reaching Muslims in a divided world

Ayman Ibrahim led a team from Southern Seminary to Dearborn, Michigan — known as the “Mecca of the United States” and boasts the highest concentration of Muslims of any city in the country.

From a 540 to the 10/40: A skateboarder’s journey to SBTS

Freddy Sinarahua formerly a semi-pro skateboarder with big dreams but a messy spiritual life, Freddy Sinarahua saw a failed job prospect turn into a life-changing relationship.

A.T. Robertson’s unsinkable Greek grammar

A.T. Robertson’s Greek Grammar Learn the story of sacrifice and struggle behind one of the most important Greek grammars of the 20th century.

GREEKONOMICS: How to set goals, manage your time, and grow your Greek

Greek in seminary is hard; keeping up with it after you finish your required classes is a different kind of challenge. Robert L. Plummer gives you the tools and encouragement to keep your Greek New Testament open.

Polishing the glimmerings of God’s design in the classical world

Meet Harvard graduate and new Boyce College professor Tyler Flatt and his vision for classical education.

Spring Preview 2017

Think of this like an instruction manual, except fun. We’ll tell you what you need to know to be a successful student, how to grow in your spiritual devotion, and where to go when it’s time to relax.

“al-’arabīyah”: The study of Arabic at SBTS

Learn the history of Arabic instruction at Southern Seminary, which dates back to the end of the 19th century.

3 Questions with Richard Lee

3 Questions with Richard Lee, Director of church mobilization, International Justice Mission All injustice should be resisted, but what injustice is the evangelical church best equipped to address? As you look at Scripture passages like Micah 6, Isaiah 58, and Luke 10, it becomes pretty clear that justice is at the heart of discipleship. If…

Book Reviews: ‘Revitalize’;‘Exalting Jesus in Hebrews’;‘The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life’;‘Christ Alone’

Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again by Andrew M. Davis (Baker Books 2017, $15.99) Review by S. Craig Sanders Church revitalization is a trending topic in American evangelicalism and it’s no surprise why — thousands of churches close their doors each year and the number of unchurched adults in the United…

Feature review: God the Son Incarnate

Orthodox Christology remains the most faithful to the biblical presentation of Christ and the most coherent theological formulation of his identity and significance.

Orthodox Christology in a secular age

In a secular culture the church must hold fast to its confessional Christology, says Wellum on the importance of proclaiming Christ’s exclusivity in pluralistic culture

Book Reviews: ‘Engaging with Jewish People’;’A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament’;’Among Wolves’;’The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon’

Engaging with Jewish People: Understanding Their World Sharing Good News by Randy Newman (The Good Book Company 2016, $11.99) Review by Annie Corser In Engaging with Jewish People, Randy Newman tackles the challenge of sharing the gospel with Jewish people. Raised in a Jewish family, Newman outlines who Jewish people are, pieces of their history, and…

Feature review: Work and Our Labor in the Lord

God gave men stewardship of the land and all life on it. All tasks man undertakes in God’s world can be seen in relationship to that original commission.

Working with purpose: Hamilton discusses new book on biblical theology of work

Work is not incidental to Creation, but a fundamental purpose of humanity’s role as image bearers of God, writes James M. Hamilton Jr. in his new book.

3 Questions with Raleigh Sadler

3 Questions with Raleigh Sadler, Founder, Let My People Go; director of justice ministries, Metropolitan New York Baptist Association

3 Questions with Daniel B. Wallace

3 Questions with Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary; author, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics

Training the heart, head, and hands: Sills on writing a teaching manual for equipping pastors overseas

SBTS missions professor David Sills talks about his new manual for disciple-making in International contexts.

Feature review: ‘Hearts, Heads, & Hands: A Manual for Teaching Others to Teach Others’

Spiritual growth, wisdom, and proper understanding of the Bible do not happen automatically when someone receives the Holy Spirit, but require training and discipleship based on one’s cultural background.

Book Reviews

‘J.C. Ryle’; ‘Biblical Authority After Babel’; ‘You Are What You Love’; ‘Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians’