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Overcoming the shadow of racism

Williams and Jones discuss new book on race and the Southern Baptist Convention

The Reformation Isn’t Over

Despite claims to the contrary, critical doctrines central to the Protestant Reformation continue to set it apart from the Catholic Church.

Luther’s Battle for Sola Scriptura

At the center of the Reformation was a robust theology of the Bible.

Greenway discusses appointment to the SBC’s Evangelism Task Force

Faculty Books

Leader Influences

What historical figure has most influenced your spiritual disciplines?

Faculty News

Southern Seminary community remembers Draper at memorial; Trustees install Gaines to visiting professorship; And more.

A (Photo) Tour of the Land of Luther

R. Albert Mohler Jr. led a group in the footsteps of the Reformers.

Here We Stand

Eight ways the Protestant Reformation continues to shape evangelicalism — and Southern Seminary

The centrality of Scripture yesterday, today and forever

The errors that Luther countered in 1517 and throughout the Reformation have persisted even into our own day.

The Reformation and Publishing

The Reformation was not only the rediscovery of central Christian doctrine, but also a beginning of a technological breakthrough in publishing.

The 122-year legacy of Consolidated Baptist Church

Two Southern Seminary alumni lead historic African American Baptist church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Fall News and Events

Fall Festival, new apologetics program, classical education at Boyce, and more

‘Blessed are the flourishing’

Pennington discusses his book on the Sermon on the Mount.

Are the Five Solas Biblical?

The legacy of SBTS co-founder John A. Broadus: renowned preacher who was a teacher of preachers.

Editorial: Our Glorious Triune God

We must never grow tired of gaining greater precision and clarity in our theological thinking, especially when it is about the God who has created and redeemed us.

The Pattern of the Father: Divine Fatherhood in Gregory of Nazianzus

Introduction One of the more evocative elements of Gregory of Nazianzus’s (hereafter, Nazianzen) teaching on the Trinity is that of a “superabundant” one which moves to two and stops at three (Ors. 23.8; 29.2). If we associate the “one” with the Father, we see a dynamism which moves out from his person resulting in the…

Trinity and Economy in Thomas Aquinas

Introduction The doctrine of the Trinity is a catholic teaching, a common possession of Christ’s whole church which expresses our understanding of the one who possesses and keeps us by his redeeming grace. Yet this doctrine that ought to foster a sense of unity among all orthodox believers has been a point of contention in…