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Riggan’s rigor: Remembering the remarkable life of George W. Riggan

Distinguishing himself as the antithesis of Crawford Toy, Riggan is remembered as having the potential to be one of the seminary’s most accomplished and respected professors.

3 Questions with Richard Lee

3 Questions with Richard Lee, Director of church mobilization, International Justice Mission All injustice should be resisted, but what injustice is the evangelical church best equipped to address? As you look at Scripture passages like Micah 6, Isaiah 58, and Luke 10, it becomes pretty clear that justice is at the heart of discipleship. If…

Book Reviews: ‘Revitalize’;‘Exalting Jesus in Hebrews’;‘The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life’;‘Christ Alone’

Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again by Andrew M. Davis (Baker Books 2017, $15.99) Review by S. Craig Sanders Church revitalization is a trending topic in American evangelicalism and it’s no surprise why — thousands of churches close their doors each year and the number of unchurched adults in the United…

Feature review: God the Son Incarnate

Orthodox Christology remains the most faithful to the biblical presentation of Christ and the most coherent theological formulation of his identity and significance.

Orthodox Christology in a secular age

In a secular culture the church must hold fast to its confessional Christology, says Wellum on the importance of proclaiming Christ’s exclusivity in pluralistic culture

‘I became a Christian in the classroom’

Daniel M. Gurtner, SBTS faculty member, on why academic rigor equips students for ministry.

Peace or Sword? Reaching Muslims in a divided world

Ayman Ibrahim led a team from Southern Seminary to Dearborn, Michigan — known as the “Mecca of the United States” and boasts the highest concentration of Muslims of any city in the country.

Faculty Books

Faculty News

SBTS trustees’ election of Haykin, Taylor Flatt joins Boyce faculty, ETS 2016, CBS revision

Training Heart, Head, and Hands

Sills on teaching manual for equipping pastors overseas.

Orthodox Christology in a Secular Age

Spring News and Events

Said at Southern, 500 years after Reformation, Gheens Lecture 2017 and more.

Let My People Go

SBTS alumnus Raleigh Sadler leads a ministry aimed at equipping local churches to fight human trafficking.

Who Most Influenced Your Understanding of Expository Preaching?

Leader influences

Preaching in a secular age

With the advance of secular pluralism, expository preaching must become the church’s strategy for survival.

Beyond the Pulpit

A day-in-the-life of Southern preaching professor and pastor Hershael W. York.

‘Giving Joy’

As a student and supporter, Shelley Caulder’s joyful presence has changed lives at Southern Seminary.

The Centrality of the Bible in Preaching

In a chaotic culture, pastors must rely on the power of God’s Word alone to break through the noise.