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A Threefold Investment

How one family continues a legacy at Southern Seminary

The leadership influence of Albert Mohler

Photo essay: Albert Mohler in his 25th year

A behind-the-scenes look at R. Albert Mohler Jr. in his 25th year as president of Southern Seminary.

The unseen ministry of Mary Mohler

Southern Seminary’s First Lady has played a crucial — but often behind-the-scenes — role in the school’s past 25 years. Here’s her story.

Life in the post-Christian desert

Two-time Southern Seminary alumnus Nate Millican moved 1,700 miles away from family and friends — all for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Three changes in theological education: Then and now

How James P. Boyce’s vision became a reality.

The strategic growth of Boyce College

Changing a small Bible college into a four-year undergraduate institution was a big risk. But 20 years later, Boyce College has grown exponentially — and its mission is more important than ever.

A ‘maximum degree of faithfulness’

A conversation with Albert Mohler about his 25 years as the president of Southern Seminary.

Editorial: Reflecting on Priests, Priesthood, and the Glory of Christ

Adam as the First Priest in Eden as the Garden Temple

Restoring the Image of God: A Corporate-Filial Approach to the “Royal Priesthood” in Exodus 19:6

The Church as Heir of Israel’s Vocation as Royal Priesthood

Jesus as Priest in the Gospels

Priesthood in the Book of Revelation

Book Reviews

‘In awe of what God has done’

Longtime professor Hershael York tells his story of meeting R. Albert Mohler Jr. and the early days of his presidency.

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Three Questions with Alistair Begg

Freedom of delivery in the pulpit depends upon careful organization in the study.