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How to be a global Christian without getting on a plane

The fact is, God has been seeking out the nations long before us. As you set your sights on the world, you’ll begin to discover his global desire throughout the pages of scripture.

Being Serious About the Gospel

Evangelism, by definition, is the proclamation of Good News. It has the gospel at the very center of its being. In the same way, Christian mission, as defined and understood biblically, has the gospel at its very heart. The mission of the church is the task which God sends His body into the world to…

How technology has changed missions

In each of these seven changes there are pro’s and con’s of the change. Each of us must steward technological changes by embracing them, saying, “No thanks,” or finding the balance that is best for us.

3 questions to ask before becoming a missionary

Ask yourself these questions. The answers can help you take wise steps to a fruitful missions career and fuel you for the long haul.

Preparing missionaries for global challenges: Sills discusses the church’s unchanging mission

EDITOR’S NOTE: In what follows, M. David Sills, A. P. and Faye Stone Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology at Southern Seminary, discusses his new book, Changing World, Unchanging Mission, with Towers editor S. Craig Sanders. CS: How you find time to write a book when you’re constantly traveling around the world?  DS: Well,…

Feature book review: ‘Changing World, Unchanging Mission’

Changing World, Unchanging Mission: Responding to Global Challenges, M. David Sills (IVP Books 2015, $17) Not a month goes by where there isn’t at least one book published which explores innovative ways to minister in changing American contexts — whether the hot button topic is urban outreach, multicultural churches, or millennial engagement. But imagine how more quickly…

10 reasons you cannot be a missionary

It is possible that you have a really good reason that is sufficient for not obeying a missionary call; but I doubt it.

Why the Great Commission isn’t just for missionaries

As the victorious and triumphant Lord, Christ sends his people out into the world. It is under the marching orders of King Jesus that we, as his ambassadors, take the gospel to the nations.