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How much should a pastor tell his wife?

Remember, she is your wife, not your fellow pastor.

You need friends, especially in ministry

One of the great sources of spiritual strength is Christian friendship and fellowship.

When you proclaim the gospel, use words

Those who have been changed and shaped by the gospel cannot help but speak and share the gospel.

When should a member consider leaving a church?

Leaving a church is serious business. Here’s what to think about before you do.

When does a pastor stop counseling?

When to end counseling is always a judgment call. Here’s how to make it.

Author Interview: Donald S. Whitney on “How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?”

Donald S. Whitney discusses his book “How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?” and the satisfying certainty of eternal life

Two big reasons the Trinity matters

To know God savingly is to know him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Anything less is not Christian.

How do you handle a ‘church disrupter’?

Church disrupters are dangerous. Learn how to spot them — and how to deal with them.

Generic Jesus can’t do anything for helpless sinners

How do we reach people who identify as Christians, but aren’t?

8 reasons the resurrection matters more than you think

In our drive to make everything cross-centered, have we forgotten the empty tomb?

10 priorities for the busy pastor

A pastor’s true calling is to shepherd the souls of God’s people humbly, willingly, and eagerly.

What is the unpardonable sin?

This is a message not for the tender conscience or the stumbling believer, but rather for the pseudo-religious who stands over against Jesus in smugness.

The most important gift for a missionary

The best gift for any missionary is to be like Jesus.

4 things to remember when choosing worship music

While everyone has their favorite music, the bride of Christ represents a diversity of age, perspective, and preference.