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Dear new elder, here are 5 things to consider as you begin

I cannot improve on Paul’s words to a young elder named Timothy but based on Paul’s writings I offer five lines of encouragement for you.

What elements should family worship include?  

When we are faithful to God in bringing our family together to worship, we are fulfilling the very purpose for which He created us.

Grace in the Heights

Jeremy Yong rebelled against the honor-shame culture of his youth. Now he’s turning it upside down with gospel transparency.

Feature review: ‘In the Arena: The Promise of Sports for Christian Discipleship’

In the Arena: The Promise of Sports for Christian Discipleship (B&H 2016, $16.99), David E. Prince My sports career flamed out in freshman year of high school, but playing football, basketball, and baseball as a teenager instilled a work ethic and discipline I may not have learned anywhere else. Playing sports also helped me deal with…