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GMAACC – Three Friends, A Dorm, and a Bible: What Makes a Church . . . a Church? (Audio)

GMAACC – Four Accounts, One Story: Are There Contradictions in the New Testament? (Audio)

GMACC – The Lord Told Me So: How Did The Early Church Decide What Should Be In The Bible? (Audio)

GMAACC – To Kill or Not to Kill: Are There Contradictions in the Old Testament? (Audio)

GMAACC – Question and Answer Session with Dr. Mohler and Dr. Moore (Audio)

GMAACC – General Session 2 with Dr. Moore (Audio)

GMAACC – Late Night with Dr. Mohler (Audio)

GMAACC – General Session 1 with Dr. Mohler (Audio)

Does God Still Speak? Give Me An Answer Collegiate Conference – February 12-13, 2010

Session 1 – “Earning and Saving” (Audio)

Session 2 – “Protection and Stewardship” (Audio)

Session 3 – “Investing Markets” (Audio)

The Simplicity of Devotion to Christ (Audio)

This session will explore how to live a devoted life for the supremacy of Christ in a postmodern world.

Contemporary Controversies (Audio)

This session will discuss contemporary perspectives on the person and work of Christ.

The Gospel and Science Fiction (Audio)

This session will discuss how to make connections between the gospel and science fiction.

Were Old Testament Believers Indwelt By the Holy Spirit? (Audio)

This session will discuss regeneration and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Old Testament believers.

What is Christ-Centered Hermeneutics? (Audio)

How does the whole counsel of Scripture point to Christ? This session will explore how a Christian reads and studies the entire Bible in light of the fulfillment of Christ.

Why Jesus Christ Alone Qualifies To Be the Savior of Sinners (Audio)

This session will discuss the uniqueness of Christ and what qualifies him alone to save humanity.