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GMAA Spring 2010

GMAACC – Reason and Faith: Is Christianity Illogical? (Audio)

GMAACC – Reconciling Rebels: How Do We Use Scripture in Witnessing? (Audio)

GMAACC – Gouging Out Your Eye and Boiling a Calf in its Mother’s Milk: How Do We Read and Interpret the Bible? (Audio)

GMAACC – When the Bible is Silent: Does the Bible Speak to All Areas of Life? (Audio)

GMAACC – Man or God: Who Wrote the Bible? (Audio)

GMACC – What Does a Biblical Man Look Like? (Audio)

GMACC – What Does a Biblical Woman Look Like? (Audio)

GMAACC – Competent to Counsel: How Do I Use Scripture to Counsel My Friends and Myself? (Audio)

GMAACC – Out with the Old and In with the New: How Are the Old and New Testaments Related to One Another? (Audio)

GMAACC – Visions, Dreams, and the Word of God: How Do We Evangelize Muslims? (Audio)

GMAACC – Hymns and Hip Hop: How Should Scripture Impact Music? (Audio)

GMAACC – Did Jesus Use the NIV? How Did We Get the Bible? (Audio)

GMAACC – Worldwide Floods and Man-Eating Fish: Does the Bible Accurately Record History? (Audio)

GMAACC – Christ in the Cinema: How Should Scripture Impact Movies? (Audio)

GMAACC – Three Friends, A Dorm, and a Bible: What Makes a Church . . . a Church? (Audio)

GMAACC – Four Accounts, One Story: Are There Contradictions in the New Testament? (Audio)

GMACC – The Lord Told Me So: How Did The Early Church Decide What Should Be In The Bible? (Audio)

GMAACC – Question and Answer Session with Dr. Mohler and Dr. Moore (Audio)