For the Truth.
For the Church.
For the World.
For the Glory of God.


Hope for the weary preacher

Father, as I preach, guide me in truth. Protect me from error. Show them he’s true. Let them taste of his beauty.

Should I go to seminary?

Wouldn’t it be easier just to stay put and read a little more?

Wherever he leads, I’ll go . . . will you?

You can say, “No,” and you can say, “Lord.” But you cannot say, “No, Lord.”

Parents and children: Read the Bible every day

I literally don’t remember not reading the Bible every day. Here’s how it happened.

Give your church the multivitamin of evangelism

Evangelism has a way of nourishing the church in so many ways.

Your audience may be small, but your sermon’s impact may be huge

Instead of waiting for the removal of difficulties, we ought to consider them as purposely laid in our way, in order to try the sincerity of our religion.

DNA of a Christian work ethic

Christians ought to be marked by diligence, integrity, and eternity in their work.

Blessing the bereaved: Jane Kratz turned her grief into ministry

After losing her husband to cystic fibrosis, Kratz committed herself to helping others deal with their own grief.

Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention

Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention by Jarvis J. Williams and Kevin M. Jones, editors. (B&H Academic 2017, $24.99) He had hardly left the church parking lot on the way to a missions and evangelism conference when an elderly and active lady in my father’s Southern Baptist congregation uttered the first…

How are you spending that bag of coins?

God changed my life, plans, and career path as a result of a mission trip.

Six reasons you should attend the SBC Annual Meeting

Three decades later, I am privileged to serve as a pastor, and I see the importance of participating in the annual meeting.

How to read the news like a Christian

We live in very different times now. That news headline that scares or angers you begs for your attention.

Editorial: Thinking about Typology

Typology allows us to know God’s Word better and to see how all of Scripture relates to Christ, and how, we, as God’s people, are the beneficiaries of all of God’s promises in Christ.

Biblical-Theological Exegesis and the Nature of Typology

As Doug Moo has noted, “typology is much easier to talk about than to describe.”1 Even among evangelicals, competing definitions of typology are legion. These matters are further complicated by related (and equally polarizing) issues such as the nature of biblical theology, the NT’s use of the OT, the structure of the canon, authorial intent,…

From Beelines to Plotlines: Typology That Follows the Covenental Topography of Scripture

Perhaps you have heard or repeated Charles Spurgeon’s famous axiom, “I take my text and make a beeline to the cross.” The trouble is Charles Spurgeon probably never said it.1 Worse, the simplistic axiom fails to account for the textual shape and biblical contours of the Bible, not to mention the infelicitous way it misjudges…

Typology and Allegory: Is There a Distinction? A Brief Examination of Figural Reading

Any study of typology in recent days must account for allegory and elucidate if any distinction should be maintained between the two. In this brief article, I will sketch out the recent emphasis on figural reading1 before critiquing this nomenclature and approach in the process of advancing four reasons that interpreters of Scripture should understand…

A True and Greater Boaz: Typology and Jesus in the Book of Ruth

Introduction The Book of Ruth is not the only Old Testament (OT) book with a genealogy, but it is the only one with a genealogy in its closing verses.1 In fact, the content of the genealogy may be the whole reason the Book of Ruth was written.2 The last word of the final verse is…

“Whatever You Ask” for the Missionary Purposes of the Eschatological Temple: Quotation and Typology in Mark 11-12

The beginning of the Gospel of Mark anticipates—right away—that the narrative will climax at the Jerusalem temple. This “gospel” of Jesus Christ in Mark 1:1 is “as it is written” (καθὼς γέγραπται; 1:2) in Isaiah. The meaning of “gospel,” therefore, should be sought in the first place in Isaiah, specifically in the context of Isaiah…