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Hershael York
Victor and Louise Lester Professor of Christian Preaching

Hershael W. York serves as Victor and Louise Lester Professor of Christian Preaching at Southern Seminary. He is also senior pastor at Buck Run Baptist Church.

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Are megachurches biblical?

Size can challenge our effectiveness, but God is more concerned with our obedience.

How to preach difficult doctrines without splitting your church

Faithful doctrinal teaching always starts with the text, not a system.

Should Christians make New Year’s resolutions?

Are New Year’s resolutions a good habit for gospel-centered Christians?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

The celebration of Christmas is an opportunity for the gospel because our culture celebrates Christmas.

Where is He Who is Born King of the Jews?

We know who the real king is, and we do not fear the enemy.

How do I make my church more welcoming?

When people visit a church they’re going to decide within the first 10 minutes whether or not they’ll ever come back.

Hidden Idols: Unseating the idol of pride

Pride robs God of his glory because it delights in self-glory. That’s why seminary is so dangerous.

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching?

It is the Spirit that takes the Word of God as the seed, sows it in hearts, and makes them live.

Is it bad to be single?

How do I avoid ministry burnout?

What are the top 3 pastoral pitfalls?

Staying at a church for the long haul

It’s best for both the health of a church and its pastor for him to dig in and stay

How do I follow a long-tenured pastor?

Following a pastor who has run well is only a problem for those who lack the character or the stamina to do the same.

Recovering from a bad sermon

How should a preacher handle the occasional failure even after extensive study and spiritual preparation?

Should I ever break from an expository sermon series?

I am a shepherd who preaches, not a preacher who shepherds. In other words, I am not merely a Bible teacher exegeting the text, but a pastor walking through life with the people I serve and applying the texts I exegete.

6 things to remember when making changes in a local church

Change occurs through people. People follow leaders, and leaders know the value of relationship.

Why some preachers get better and others don’t

No one denies that a preaching class and some coaching can help anyone become better. What we question is the possibility that someone with no natural giftedness and ability can be taught well enough that he can become really good.

Top 5 rookie pastor mistakes

Pastors who try to reap the dividends of authority without making the investment of credibility will quickly find themselves in a leadership deficit.