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“Engage Bob!” That’s the plea Helen Parr resorted to in the 2004 movie The Incredibles as her husband, the former superhero Mr. Incredible, slowly descended into anything but incredible in his role as father.

Biblical manhood faces some of its greatest challenges where it’s most needed: in the home. The relationship between fathers and their children is too often minimalistic and punctuated by anger and volatility. Men who are able to lead well in the marketplace or even in the local church too often find their homes unmanageable and resort to survival or escape tactics as their default form of fathering. These dads typically protect their families from harm and provide the resources their children need in order to be sheltered, clothed, fed, educated and entertained but find it frustrating to provide much else.

Fatherhood requires engaged leadership, but it’s all about serving others. As a result, you have to transition from any role you might have at work where you lead others into a context of service at home. You go home to serve and give yourself a way. Your leadership isn’t toward yourself — it’s always directed toward others.

Home is the place where your leadership will be needed around the clock and where your vulnerabilities will be most obvious, but it’s also the place where you have the potential to bear the most fruit as you shape little hearts for eternity.

So what does leadership look like for a father and how can you be intentional in shaping your children for heaven? Learn more from the Guide to Biblical Manhood. You can download the PDF of the Guidebook for free for a limited time. We hope this is a blessing to you and your families.


A Guide to Biblical Manhood

By Randy Stinson & Dan Dumas

How to serve your wife, how to mold men through baseball, how to make men in the church and more practical theology for cultivating men of God who are doers of the Word for the sake of the Gospel.

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