Can you briefly describe your sermon preparation?


I take two days to prepare. The first day is exegesis. I need my sermon outline, both the exegetical outline first, and then homiletical outline by the first day. On the second day, I write the introduction and work on application with some friends. I’ll get a group of four, five or six guys together and work on application. Then I’ll try to write the sermon that afternoon or evening, the second day. On the second day evening, I will read it to a group of people and ask for feedback. So I’ll read the introduction, get feedback, make changes. First point, get feedback, second point, get feedback, then I am done.


What advice would you give to seminary students in how they should pursue a weekly preaching ministry?


Read your Bible more and commentaries less. Do not turn to a commentary to answer any question until you have made yourself put down your own answer in your own words as best as you can. Then you’ll use the commentaries better when you turn to them.


What’s your favorite movie?


Casablanca, 1942. It’s a great story, great actors and great music. But I also love Man for All Seasons, but I hate the fact that Thomas More is only presented as a good guy and there is nothing about his really pursuing Tyndale to death. So it gives half the picture, but the fictional picture is of a great character.


Mark Dever serves as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and also as the president of 9Marks Ministries. Dr. Dever has authored several books and articles, most recently, What is a Healthy Church? and The Gospel and Personal Evangelism (Crossway 2007).