In the following videos, Heath Lambert discusses biblical counseling and its relationship to expository preaching, calvinism, ecclesiology etc. with Jay Adams, author of Competent to Counsel and founder of the modern day biblical counseling movement.

Part 1: What is the relationship between biblical counseling and preaching?

Part 2: What is the relationship between biblical counseling and calvinism?


Heath Lambert serves as assistant professor of biblical counseling as well as the department coordinator of biblical counseling at Southern Seminary and Boyce College. In addition Dr. Lambert serves as Executive Director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He has authored several books including FinallyFree: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace (Zondervan), The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams (Crossway), and the editor (with Stuart Scott) of Counseling the Hard Cases: True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God’s Resources in Scripture (B&H). You can connect with Dr. Lambert on Twitter and Facebook. This article was originally published on the ACBC blog. (Used with permission)


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