What’s old about the “new” atheists?

The title “new atheists” has less to do with the content of their arguments than the way in which they argue. The “old” atheists were not very good at PR. But these new atheists are much more engaging, likable and savvy. Former atheists seemed really to grasp the significance belief in God made. For instance, Camus said that if God does not exist then the question is whether or not we will commit suicide. The newer atheists think we can get rid of God and the world will be a better place. They either ignore or simply do not understand how momentous the existence of God is for all of life.


How significant is the desire to justify sexual choices in shaping the worldview of Millennials? 

I am not sure how unique it is to this generation. Humans have always had the desire to justify their choices, especially sexual choices. But younger Christians often find themselves in a bind between what their theological traditions say (e.g., sex is between one man and one woman in marriage) and the lifestyles of their friends. Many today hold traditional views in theory, but will abandon them when it comes to loyalty to a friend. This is why we must teach a biblical worldview more intentionally, practically and compassionately than ever before. When we do not, kids often leave the church and sometimes even their faith.


What does your ideal Saturday morning look like? 

Sleep in. Go on a run with my wife. Make breakfast together as a family (preferably pancakes). Either go to the park with my family or go to one of my kid’s sports games.


Sean McDowell is a teacher, speaker and author at Worldview Ministries. This article originally appeared in the May 2014 issue of Towers.


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